Ecommerce software for Trophy Retailers

The first online ecommerce software designed entirely for Trophy Retailers

The Story

Eezeecommerce have been working tirelessly for over 3 years developing software that meets the demands of the retail Trophy industry.
Although each and every company is different, each has its own branding, identity and range of products, fundamentally the service on offer is very much the same.

For example, many trophy retailers offer additional services such as text / logo engraving - features that can be very expensive and complicated to introduce to your website. At Eezeecommerce, we've built it into our ecommerce platform as standard.

As many retailers out there will know, developing a website that functions exactly how you want to can be extremely expensive. Compromises are reluctantly made due to keeping "one eye on the costs".
At Eezeecommerce we believe this doesn't have to be the case. We have developed a system that WILL save you thousands of pounds each year, keep your website up to date and more importantly EARN YOU MONEY!

How it works

Many software developers will quickly bamboozle you with words and phrases that simply sound like a foreign language. At Eezeecommerce we try and keep things as simple as possible. Here we lay out in layman's terms how the software works:-

Your theme

This normally refers to the general colour scheme and design layout through the site. Your company name and logo will be incorporated into this theme throughout the site. Following consultation with you, we will provide a layout plan of how the site will look and send email proofs for approval.

Front Page (or index page)

This is normally the first page your customers will see and therefore the most important on your entire site. We will completely customise your front page to your requirements and again, will send proofs to you for approval. We can assist with all artwork requirements and make sure you are completely happy with the end result.

The Control Panel

This is what really controls your entire website, and where our investment of time and money has been spent. Quite simply, we have done it so you don't have to!
As an added bonus, the control panel is hosted online which means once you have securely logged in, you can work from anywhere there is an internet connection, even from your smartphone!

So what does the control panel do? From here you can:
- View all your orders, print invoices and packing slips
- Upload new products with descriptions and edit existing ones.
- Add retail prices to your products
- Choose whether your item has engraving and at what price
- Choose which sections your items should appear e.g. Football Trophies or Golf
- Add simple information so you can climb search engines
- Add weights and/or dimensions for automatic shipping costs.

Once complete, simply click a button and your product is LIVE!

Will my website be optimised for smartphones and tablets?

With recent figures showing that over 50% of online searches are now performed on smartphones or tablets, is your current site offering what your customers are looking for?
If your website is not optimised for all devices, the hard truth is you are losing out on potential sales.
Many software companies will create a mobile version of your current site but costs can range anywhere from £3k to £10k.

Our software creates full mobile and tablet versions as STANDARD!

The Deal Maker - 'THE LIBRARY'

Here's the BIG reason why our software will save you thousands of pounds almost instantly.
If you have ever had the unenviable task of uploading products to your website then you will know exactly how time consuming and ultimately costly this can be.
Every year, new products are introduced and others are changed or discontinued. A typical website with 500 products online can reasonably take 4-6 weeks to complete. Time spent uploading images, adding product codes along with a description can seem like a lifetime, UNTIL NOW!

Our software includes a library of EVERY item from all the major suppliers within the trophy trade.

So what does this mean?

Rather than spending months uploading items one by one, spending time on images and descriptions, you can now choose a supplier directly through our control panel, select the items you wish to sell, and with a click of a button they will be uploaded onto your website ready to be sold.
You can choose to add individual items, or whole ranges of items. A full catalogue of individual products could be uploaded to your website in just a few hours.

So what will be included?

Automatic uploads will include product codes, descriptions, images, RRP's and sizes.
If you wish to add extra features, change RRP's remove or change engraving options you are free to do so. The main thing is the BULK of the work is done for you!

How do I upload the images and info?

Simply open the supplier library from your control panel, select the supplier, check the product lines you wish to add and click "Import"

It really is as straight forwards as it sounds.

Tutorial and Technical Support

We will provide a tutorial with a step by step guide on how to get started with our simple to use software.

We find that most users are up and running within a few hours of getting started. After learning the basics, everything else on the control panel is self explanatory and there to help the day to day running of your company.

Premium technical support is included with your license and is provided to ensure your website runs smoothly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

So what does this all cost and what do I get?

eezee Gold + TROPHY RetailersFrom £500Complete ecommerce software and web design

  • Full Access to Trophy Library
  • Fully Bespoke Web Design
  • Super-fast turnaround 1-2 weeks
  • Fully SEO optimised
  • Fully Hosted
  • Complete ecommerce integration
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • Dedicated premium support